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My Town 2.0 is my blog page where I design / redesign logos, branding and identities for different businesses in and around the town I live in. Entirely self-initiated, these projects are experiments where I can simultaneously channel my creative juices and hypothesise on how the businesses in my area could look and feel if I was the creative designer.

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What I Do

The market today is saturated with new businesses and start-ups all wanting to set themselves apart from the rest. In order to do that a business must have an emotionally engaging identity, one that communicates to its potential and existing customers who you are. My offering to you is a simple one: to create a logo, branding and identity design for your company that is leagues above the rest and gets you noticed. This is how I can make that happen.

Logo Design

Make an impression that lasts.

The first port of call for any new business is the logo mark that your customers will emotionally engage with. Together we can create a design that is simple, relevant, enduring, distinctive, memorable and adaptable.

Brand Design

Expand your new identity beyond the logo mark.

A new identity doesn’t just stop at the logo mark. To truly harness the potential of the new face of your business, I can create a style guide that details the ‘rights and wrongs’, the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of using your new identity. Designers use this guide to keep brand consistency across the broad spectrum of physical and digital platforms.

Print Design

It’s got your name written all over it.

Your new identity will touch just about every aspect of your business, including stationery, shop front signage, vehicle signage, uniforms and promotional goods, so it should be consistent and on-point across the range. With my experience in the print industry, this comes as second nature to me.

Why you need an identity designer

I mean, how hard can it be to put a few shapes together and call it a logo, right? This really couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to creating a successful and professional branding solution. Proper branding is important because your potential clientele often choose products and services based on their perceived value. With the right branding, this value can be increased, resulting in more business and stronger relationships with your customers.

Additionally, your logo will need to work across a plethora of materials and require consistency across your entire business platform. Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo. That’s my job, so that’s why you need me.

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