Identity Design – Used Car Dealership

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

The Brief:

Design an identity that communicates “quality used cars”, “professionalism” and “trust” to potential customers. The logo must be bold and recognisable from the roadside when passing by at speed.

Basic Info:

Customer: Ace Cars

Type of business: Used car dealership

Existing Website?: No

Logo?: No

Branding?: No

The first idea that came to mind, and probably the most obvious, is the usage of a spade symbol. I played around with positive and negative space, but ultimately it didn’t really communicate what the brief was asking for.

Moving on, other ideas started to emerge that used circles. Established car manufacture brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes use circles in their logos. Also, circles are an imperative feature of any car, being the shape of the wheels. I tried to make the ‘Ace’ name blend into this idea of circles, but ultimately it never really said ‘automobile.’

I touched on street signage shapes and number plates, and out of this came the idea for a star in some kind of circle. This is where the final design came from.

The process of designing the logo mark for Ace Cars.

The font I chose – called Rift Bold – was preferred from the selection of three because I wanted to communicate a strong sense of trust, authority and professionalism. I added a 15% skew to the typeface to make it more interesting.

Above are the finished logos with a selection of colour ways. I think my preferred palette is the yellow and dark grey.

I think I’ve achieved what I wanted to here. The star within the circle represents quality and experience; the circle and star combined create a steering wheel or wheel spoke frame which would be easily identifiable as automobile-related. I’d like to push this logo to branded car sale boards, business cards and car fresheners as a few ideas for the future.