Identity Design – House Design and Architecture

Final identity design for architecture design studio HOUSE

The Brief:

Design an identity that communicates “experience”, “professionalism” and “building design” to potential customers. The logo should try to incorporate a building, the initial ‘H’ and be instantly recognisable at a glance.

Basic Info:

Customer: House Design and Architecture

Type of business: Architecture Studio

Existing Website?: No

Logo?: No

Branding?: No

The development of this identity started with ideas of an isometric logo mark. At the same time, I was thinking about the typeface that’d be used alongside the logo. Quite early on I came up with the simple idea of the house shape that takes some isometric perspective ideas and is what ultimately came to be the final logo outcome.

What the client and I thought would be distinctive was an embossed logo for stamping on paperwork such as blueprints and invoices to ‘trademark’ the work. 

T-L: Logo

T-R: Patterned logo

B-L: Embossing stamp mark

B-R: Ink stamp mark

The font used here is Hepburn. I liked the sharp ends of the ascenders, descenders and arms, and felt the font’s weight was a good match for the logo mark. The colour used, a strong dark blue-green, represents ‘ambition’, ‘modern’, ‘good judgement’ and ‘self-sufficient’ attributes.

A branded correx board sign.