The Identity Redesign of

The Property Cafe.

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

The Brief:

The current identity has been used for a while know but I feel it lacks in energy and presence. I’ve self-initiated this project to see what I would come up with given the opportunity. The logo needs to stand out on the high street, as well as on ‘for sale’ signboards when outside client’s homes. It should communicate energy, experience, community, trust and professionalism. Clients will want their homes sold quickly, so the identity needs to convey that the company is proactive in making this happen.

Basic Info:

Customer: The Property Cafe

Type of business: Estate Agents

Existing Website?: Yes

Logo?: Yes

Branding?: Yes

The Property Cafe already has an established identity. The logo is a steaming mug with a door incorporated within it. It’s quite literal and doesn’t properly communicate the company’s ethic of a family-friendly, experienced, professional and well-known name in town. Using simple shapes, I’ve opted to create a house silhouette logo mark. I feel the connection between these shapes and estate agents is a strong one so a just took it and ran…

Vectorising the sketches of the new Property Cafe logo

Developing the logo. The colours were suggested by an Adobe Illustrator palette, but I liked them so much that I kept them. They’re kind of retro in a way, but at the same time, I’ve not seen any other branding locally for an estate agents that uses bold colours like this.

Another idea I wanted to play with was an open door suggesting openness, new beginnings, new homes, welcoming vibes…

After finishing up the logo mark and sleeping on it, I’ve returned to the design and discovered that incorporating the accent over the ‘e’ using the tail of the ‘y’ might be doable, albeit maybe taking the logo one step away from its simplicity. I’ll just leave it here for now…