The Identity Redesign of

Katja’s Cakes.

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

Design an identity that communicates “creativity”, “experience” and “quality” to potential customers. The redesigned logo should ideally reflect some element of baking, cakes and bespoke-made. The customer is likely to be a first-time patron shopping for a birthday / wedding / special occasion so I need to assume this is the first time they’ve come across Katja’s Cakes, therefore the logo should appropriately engage the customer and draw them in to want to know more.

The Brief:

Customer: Katja’s Cakes

Type of business: Bespoke wedding and special occasion cakes

Existing Website?: Yes

Logo?: Yes

Branding?: No

Katja’s Cakes offers exceptional quality bespoke cakes, but the logo doesn’t really communicate this. What I’ve tried to achieve is a logo that reflects the quality of service and product whilst retaining a bakery identity.

The three logos I’ve chosen to develop are all very different: an illustrated mark, a typographical mark and a conceptual mark. The illustrated logo glorifies the humble cupcake; the typographical logo is inspired by icing writing; and the conceptual logo takes the idea of a top-down view of a sliced cake.

Here’s the finished logos. I haven’t included colour, but I imagine the palette could be pinks / purples / yellows because typically these colours are used to create the floral decorations on cupcakes. 

To take this further, here’s how the logos could be used in marketing and promotional applications…