The Identity Redesign of

Drinks By The Dram.

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

Offering wax-dipped and handsomely labelled samples of over 5,000 spirits including whisky, gin, vodka, rum and more, Drinks By The Dram‘s logo is bold, rustic and gets straight to the point about their offering, but I feel it could do with a refresh. This self-initiated project explores a way to tighten up the original logo and my own take on their logo mark.

Here I’ve made some small design changes to the original logo, mainly the kerning relationship between the K and S in the word DRINKS and the dram graphic placement to the typography. I’ve also lifted the second line leading slightly. I feel now the logo mark has a bit more balance in its layout.

Redesigning the logo

Following the clean up of the original logo, I’ve made my own attempt at redesigning the logo mark. I wanted to keep the essential elements of the original logo because a complete redesign from scratch might tarnish any relationship the logo has established with existing customers. And besides, its not like the existing logo isn’t achieving what it was designed to do. So with that in mind, here are a dozen of the ideas I’ve generated by playing around with the existing identity.

The gallery above lists the logos in the order of the project evolution. The most challenging part of this project was keeping the logo recognisable at any scale. What I settled on was the upper-case D of ‘DRINKS’ featuring a dram silhouette within its negative space. This logo mark, paired with the brand name, finished of my final version of the new identity.

A mockup of the logo on a dram sample set box packaging.