Menu Redesign – Xochipilli Hastings

Xochipilli is a Mexican street food cafe on Queens Road, Hastings. The food is delicious and authentic, the cafe’s atmosphere is rustic and welcoming, but I felt the menu leaflet could do with a little design TLC. So I self-initiated a project to rejuvenate the original menu design into something that better reflects the unique branding of the cafe, is easier to read and is printer/copier friendly for the owners to make copies cost-effectively. 

Original Xochipilli menu design

The original menu design

I felt the original menu lacked a clear layout which is important when conveying this much information. Also, none of the identity from the cafe’s facade has been used on the menu flyer. My design ties in this identity to create a stronger branded experience.

Original Xochipilli menu design
Original Xochipilli menu design

My newly designed and branded menu

The finished menu flyer

There’s a couple of elements that could be cleaned up / amended such as the mini-map featuring more information and reconsidering the black border shapes. But without feedback from the client, I’ll leave the design as it is.

As I had to enter in the information manually and considered a few other design elements before settling on this final design, the whole project took roughly 9 hours.