Menu Redesign – Pier Catch

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

Pier Catch is a relatively new traditional breakfast and seafood restaurant in Hastings. I’ve chosen to self-initiate this project to see how I would approach the menu to transform it into a flyer-friendly, branded and creative menu design. I’ve taken some elements of the existing menu design – the chalkboard background being the main item – and added some of my own illustrative touch to produce a unique design.

The original menu design

My menu redesign

My design tries to evoke a more creative, unified and consistent approach, making sure the text content is easy to read and the clipart images replaced with hand-drawn illustrations. Also a big part of the redesigned makes sure that the menu works for print, i.e. a menu flyer.

I decided to keep that scuffed and dusty chalkboard background for its texture and contrast to the white handwritten type and illustrations. The chalkboard style has become a staple of trendy cafes and pop-up restaurants, so as the existing identity incorporates it, I went with the flow on this one.

Logo Redesign

The existing logo doesn’t fit with the new identity that I’ve designed throughout this menu design project, so I decided to change it up a bit to better suit.

Existing identity

My take on a new identity

The idea behind my identity design simply comes from the idea of sketching various seaside elements of Hastings to bring together the uniqueness, liveliness and creative characteristics that the restaurant and the town both evoke.