Identity Design – The Hastings Chimney Wizard

Final identity design for used car dealership Ace Cars

The Brief:

Customer: The Hastings Chimney Wizard

Type of business: Chimney Cleaning Services

Existing Website?: No

Logo?: No

Branding?: No


Design an identity that clearly communicates the brand name, but avoid cliche visuals such as smoke coming out of chimneys.

Above are the preliminary ideas for The Hastings Chimney Wizard.

The first logo takes influence from alchemy circles – the triangle in the left circle represents fire, the tree in the right circle wood. When combined, these two elements create carbon (soot). The middle shape represents the chimney brush cutting up and through.

The second logo takes the idea of an old venerable wizard with a sweep staff and a mystical smoky shroud. This logo was originally chosen to be the final, but shortly afterwards the client went back on the idea.

The third logo, and my favourite, takes inspiration from Dickensian times when chimney sweeps were abundant. I like how the smoke plume swirls up from the head of the sweep. I paired this figure with Garamond typography to reinforce the idea of that Victorian / Dickensian era.

Logos four and five weren’t my strongest but felt they could do with a mention. I like the half-sweep, half smoke design. The other shrouded ball looking logo mark took inspiration from crystal balls and Saruman’s Palantir from Lord of The Rings.

Before the client went back on the idea of the old wizard, I took the design and further refined this idea with the logo sitting at the side of the typography. The client felt the illustration looked a little too sinister, much like a grim reaper, and wanted to try fitting the wizard with a hat.

But still, the client thought it too sinister because the wizard’s eyes are hidden beneath the brim of the hat. So with that, we moved on to a design that dropped the idea of the wizard completely and concentrated on the typography and the smoke plumes.

With these three options presented, the only thing the client wanted to see was the original A from the first logo of this bunch on the plume background of the second logo. And with that, the final logo came together…

I personally liked the hat as the A but am nonetheless happy with the final result.