Project Description

2D Animation – Catan Universe Short

For the love (and hate) of Catan

The Design Brief

Create a 2D animation using a single image and all the Adobe tools at my disposal to create a short animation.

I chose to focus on using a moving z-axis camera, parallax effects and one-line strategies to communicate a piece of the story behind what it takes to win at Catan.

I broke down the Catan image into different elements and created the phrase and download CTA text in Illustrator and Photoshop. The clouds are another image from Unsplash.

I wanted to increase the population of my friend list, so I’m using this as a tool to get people’s attention.

What I’m worried about is that it’ll come across as a banner ad or a promotional tool to get users to download and spend their money on micro transactions.

The real game begins with The Seafarers paid expansion though, so…

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