Project Description

AVT Connect – Website Redesign Sprint

A self-initiated design sprint over one afternoon in Adobe XD

A demonstration of the final redesigned homepage.

Notes on the original (current) website homepage design.

A side-by-side comparison of the original (current) website design vs. my redesign.

The project artboards in Adobe XD. The project is only one artboard. The image on the right illustrates most of the interactivity.

The Design Brief

To redesign the homepage of AVT Connect in order to make the website more visually satisfying, quick and efficient for the user to discover the services the company provides, and is easier to navigate.

I first visited the website of AVT Connect as part of my research into the company before applying to a job they had advertised.

My initial impression was that the website was too busy, with not enough space for each element to breathe. What I thought might work was creating a mockup where each container was 100% viewport height, giving the container’s content plenty of negative white space to work with. This was really the main point I wanted to touch on.

The rest of my design addresses some design elements such as borders between containers and thin gradient borders beneath content titles. I felt these didn’t add anything to the overall design, so removed them! The reason for this is Gestalt’s principles of spacing.

The mockup was created in Adobe XD, and can be visited here:

AVT Connect Redesign Mockup

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