Project Description


Discover live music locally – The live music promotional / discovery app

The Design Brief

Customer: Gig Me

Type of business: Mobile App – Live Music Promoter / Detector

Existing Website?: No

Existing Logo?: Yes

Existing Branding?: No

Gig Me is a mobile app that helps the user / artist promote their music and discover new artists and music in their local area, as well as a secondary location. The target demographic is 18 – 38 year olds, users looking for an impromptu night out, and generally music lovers all round.

My client originally came to me with a brief for a logo redesign that they thought should communicate buzz words like “Music”, “Joy”, “Bands”, “Brash”, “Hype”, “Razzamataz”, “Promotion”, “Red”, “Grass-roots”, “Co-operation”, “Local”. I felt connected to a few of these words, others not so much. And the current logo certainly wouldn’t make a positive impression on the app market amongst the its contemporary rivals. So I presented the client a few options based around the idea of “music”, “hype” and “local” which I thought were relevant buzz words to what the client was trying to achieve.

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