Project Description

Link Accounts – Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design for a new accountancy firm.

Rejected Logo Ideas

1. Crown


2. Stripes


3. Pyramid


4. Ribbon


5. Confetti

6. Twist

The Design Brief

Customer: Link Accounts

Type of business: Accountancy

Existing Website?: N/A

Existing Logo?: N/A

Existing Branding?: N/A

New startup accountancy firm Link Accounts were looking for an identity that was clean, contemporary, professional, and included the elements ‘L’ + links + colour blue.

I brainstormed a bunch of ideas working with the letters ‘L’ and ‘A’, and thinking about simple marks that could be made with these shapes.

What I delivered was a something that resonated with the client straight away, out of 6 other designs that I’d pulled together. I used golden ratio shapes across the entire design process.

The only change that was to be made was the colour scheme. The client liked the dark blue but wasn’t sure about the brighter blue. I knew the identity should be two shades of blue, so proposed 8 different colour schemes using the original dark blue as an anchor and other miscellaneous colours. This aided in pointing the client in the direction of my original vision for the colour palette the brand should take.

The reason for this colour palette is based upon the two colours representing a company that is professional, calm, sophisticated, and in control; elements that would be associated with an accountancy firm.

From there, the identity was signed off after just one round of revisions to address the colour.

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